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5/2 – Degrowth Paradigm, Public Lecture

The Degrowth Paradigm: Can Society Survive without Growth?

OREC and 350 Ottawa are hosting this public event:

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The ‘Degrowth Paradigm’ is gaining steam here and abroad as individuals grapple with a planet heading toward certain peril. In this presentation, Jim Merkel, author of Radical Simplicity, will discuss why the ‘Growth is Good’ and ‘Growth is Necessary’ assumptions are now being challenged. He will show examples of wonderful lives and healthy communities that have reversed the growth trend lines.

The Global Footprint Network reports that in 2014, in just 8 month, humanity consumed what the earth produces in a full year. Degrowth offers a potent change in thinking capable of realistically protecting climates, forests, indigenous peoples while lessening social stresses of overwork, poverty and conflict.