The McDougall Mill Museum on the Bonnechere River
The McDougall Mill Museum on the Bonnechere River

Community Support Needed in Renfrew & Leeds Grenville

OREC’s solar power project development team has identified potential projects in Renfrew County and Leeds and Grenville United Counties. These new projects will allow residents of Eastern Ontario to invest in and benefit from clean energy by earning a solid return on their investment.

FIT Contracts Offer Low Risk Investments

The revenue generated from our projects provides a solid return to investors thanks to Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contracts.  20 year FIT contracts offer a guaranteed fixed rate for every kWh generated.

Renewable energy co-ops are given priority when FIT contracts are awarded.  That allows us to build more projects, however, we must show that the community supports our projects.   Support is shown by having 50 members in our co-op who also own property in the county where we plan on building new projects.

Calling on All Property Owners in Renfrew & Leeds Grenville

For our planned projects in Renfrew County and Leeds and Grenville United Counties, OREC is looking for 18 property owners in Renfrew and 30 members in Leeds Grenville to join OREC before September 15th, 2016.  Property owners only have to hold the deed to the land for 2 years or more; they do not have to consider it their primary residence.

Community Power Has Real Benefits

Community-owned renewable energy projects have been proven to bring $2 to the economy for every $1 invested while creating more jobs and increasing energy security in the area.  By purchasing a $100 lifetime membership share in our co-op, you would be doing your part in bringing more renewable energy to your region even if you don’t want to or don’t have the funds to invest.  There are few moments in life when a small $100 fee can have such a positive impact in your community and province.


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