Building Energy Upgrade Program

Reduce energy use today with tomorrow’s utility cost savings.

The Building Energy Upgrade Program allows Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) to receive free efficiency upgrades that are paid off through future utility cost savings.  At the end of the contract, you enjoy 100% of the savings!


How Energy Savings Financing Works

Savings Chart

Benefits of Upgrading

  1. No upfront cost; money can be used for other building priorities
  2. Lower monthly bills and improved resident comfort
  3. Third party insurance guarantees energy savings
  4. No performance risk
  5. Independent project monitoring
  6. Smaller carbon footprint from reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Co-op Energy Savings: A Case Study

A housing co-op with 123 units recently participated in the Building Energy Upgrade program. Their comprehensive $441,000 upgrade included new boilers, lights, appliances, variable frequency drives, low-flow aerators, toilets, shower heads and building envelope improvements. The entire upgrade—including the expensive boiler replacement—was paid for by the program and the co-op is now saving more than $80,000 a year.  Read more case studies at

Five Steps to Your Energy Upgrade

Step 1: Apply for the program using the form below

Step 2: If approved, building receives Carbon 613 membership

Step 3: OREC reviews historical data and performs site assessment

Step 4: OREC delivers:

  • Energy Workshop for Residents
  • Site Assessment Report
  • Building Energy Upgrade Planning Session

Step 5: Comprehensive retrofit begins upon approval of proposal

Why is Energy Conservation Important?

Existing buildings make up over 80% of Canada’s building stock and in cities like Ottawa are responsible for 55% of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In research commissioned by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), it was found that buildings over 25,000 ft2 and high-rise residential buildings 5 storeys or greater can reduce GHGs up to 44%, equivalent to a 19.4 million tonne reduction and $6.2 billion in energy savings. Retrofits stimulate local green job creation and keep energy dollars local.

Participating Partners

 Efficiency Capital Logo EnviroCentre Logo The Atmospheric Fund LogoCGBC Logo

Apply Today!

Complete the form below to the best of your knowledge and an OREC representative will contact you within two business days.  Only Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) are being considered at this time.

Building Type*
High-rise apartmentLow-rise apartmentTownhouse
CondoHousing co-opPrivate apartmentNon-profit/social housing

Number of units in the building*

How is the building cooled?
Central air conditioningWindow air conditioning unitsNone

How is the building heated?
FurnaceBoilerHeat pumpBaseboard

What type of retrofits have been completed?
Low-flow showerheadsLow-flow toiletsLED lightingOther
Other retrofits:

When was the building constructed?

Do the residents pay their own electricity?
No, included in the rentYes, directly to the utilityYes, to the building managers

Do the residents pay for their own natural gas?
No gas serviceNo, included in the rentYes, directly to the utilityYes, to the building managers

Are the total building energy bills (electricity & gas) greater than $300,000 a year?

Who owns the appliances (i.e. fridge, stove, dishwasher)?
TenantsBuilding owner

What laundry facilities are provided?
In unit appliancesCommon laundry roomNot provided

Who is the primary contact for energy decisions within the building?

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