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Building Local Economies through Cooperative Ownership

Seven Co-op Principles

It is common belief that companies build our economy.   Most of us assume that strong businesses build a strong local economy.   But most corporations operate on the premise that their prime responsibility is to maximize return for the shareholders while NOT breaking any laws.  Focusing on the local economy is not their legal responsibility, unless of course the executives specifically …

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Feb 26 – Local Craft Beer Tasting

Local Beer Tasting Event Logo

Ottawa Centre EcoDistrict is holding their 2nd Local Craft Beer Tasting.  The theme of the event is Green Energy—you’ll hear from Bullfrog Power and the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-Op (OREC) and learn about opportunities to support the growth of renewable energy in Ottawa and beyond. Why hold this event?  EcoDistrict wants the downtown core to reflect the amazing options for local beer that we …

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Feb 23 – Invest Ethically Info Session

Westboro Brainery Logo

This class will empower participants to invest ethically by discussing the current investment landscape and the available alternatives. Presented by Janice Ashworth: operations manager at the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op (OREC). OREC brings Ottawa residents together to invest in local renewable energy projects. Topics to be Covered: Conventional investment portfolios assume continuous fossil fuelled economy, which cannot continue given climate …

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Feb 9 – Toast the Sun!

Harness The Power Of The Sun

Start the Week with Sunshine and Craft Beer! Come join us after work at the Clocktower Brew Pub in Westboro for an early evening appointment with craft beer sampling and tasty hors d’ouevres. You’ll also have a chance to find out about three great ways to invest in solar. Make 2015 a great year to invest in green while generating …

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EmPowering Local Economies

By Tim Inkpen Since the financial crisis of 2008, there has been a resurgence of interest in local economies. The crisis has caused many to look for ways of buffering their communities from drastic upheavals over which they little or no control. The basic concept behind local economics is that everyone benefits if many goods and services are produced locally. …

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