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Advisory Teams

At OREC we have a great team of volunteers with expertise in finance, business, communications, and technology who help advise us in many facets of our cooperative’s operations.  We are extremely grateful for the invaluable input and commitment of our dedicated volunteers and advisors.  OREC would simply not exist without the tireless effort of all our volunteers.

Advisory teams are divided into three groups and each group reports back to the board of directors. Our talented finance team creates and oversees financial policies that ensure diligent fiscal management.  The business team provides expertise in operational matters and important business decisions. Our communications team takes on the challenge of providing strategies on communicating how our systems generate electricity to create a profit with makes for an excellent investment opportunity.  The technical team offer their expertise in photovoltaic systems who help make sure we’re doing the best we can to maximize the power generation of our projects.AdvisoryTeams


Are you interested in joining one of our advisory teams?  Please send us an email.

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