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Will nuclear power bankrupt Ontario Hydro/OPG once again?

Nuclear Power Plant

The following post was written by Angela Bischoff, Ontario Clean Air Alliance’s Outreach Director. In 1998, seven of Ontario Hydro’s nuclear reactors had to be unexpectedly shut down for safety reasons. All of these reactors were shut down for more than five years. Two of them are still shut down. As a result of the nuclear shutdown: By 1999 Ontario …

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Field Notes From Tanzania – Part 1: Innovative Use of Solar Radios

FRI broadcasters in Tanzania

Roger Peters, an OREC Board Member, shares with us how solar technology is being used in Tanzania in a four part blog series. If you are poor farmer in rural Tanzania with cell phone service but no electric power or internet, how do you get ahead? First you form a radio listening group with other women in your community and …

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OREC Not Affected by the Suspension of the LRP Program

Last week, the Ontario Government decided to cancel the second round of the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) program.  The Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and MicroFIT programs remain untouched by this decision.  OREC continues to find new projects to build under FIT 5 and will launch our fifth securities offering in November to finance at least three projects under FIT 4. Although …

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Ontario’s new budget locks in climate action

The following is a guest post from Environmental Defence and was written by Patrick DeRochie, Campaign Coordinator of the Clean Economy program.  Ontario has taken its most significant step yet in tackling climate change and building a low-carbon economy. Meeting emission reduction targets along with a cap-and-trade program to price carbon pollution will be the law in Ontario. On Wednesday, …

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The Customer-Centric Electricity Grid: New York State

New York State, under the leadership of Public Service Commission chair Audrey Zibelman, reaches a major milestone en route to the nation’s first market platform for customer-sited clean-energy technologies. A two-plus-hour drive north from New York City along the Hudson River leads to the state capital of Albany. There the government buildings overlooking Empire State Plaza have become the front …

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A Former Weapons Systems Designer Turned Green Builder

CBC Radio tells us about a hi-tech house near Merrickville, where a ridiculous r-value, is just the beginning. This house will allow Chris and Claire Weissflog to live virtually carbon free. Too good to be true? Find out yourself! Click here for the CBC Radio interview.

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Ontario’s microFIT Program: The Nitty-Gritty On Going Solar

The approval process after our application to the OPA microFIT program took 3 1/2 months;  in June, we heard that our application had been conditionally approved. By then, Mark had done a lot of research on solar technology and had narrowed our choice of suppliers down to a few companies. More discussion with companies both in California and Southern Ontario …

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The True Cost of Renewable Energy and Conservation

There has been much effort made in the media to lead the public to believe that their electricity bills have been spiralling due to the cost of subsidies to wind and solar initiatives of our energy conservation programs.  The 80 cents/kilowatt hour (kWh) for solar is frequently cited as the greatest offender, even though that rate only applies to rooftop …

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