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Maurice Lapointe School

Through action and not just words, we wanted to show our students how to embrace sustainability as a way of life to ensure a better future for their generation and the generations to come -Amine Aïdouni, principal, Maurice Lapointe School Marking Ottawa’s 1,000th solar rooftop installation, Maurice Lapointe school began producing electricity in February 2016. The project will provide solid …

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Hovey Industries

  “We saw that our roof space could be put to good use. Innovation and supporting local business is part of our company philosophy.” – Marco Campagna, President, Hovey Industries Connected to the grid on July 2nd, 2015 is OREC’s largest solar project to date, a 360kW project on the roof of Hovey Industries manufacturing facilities in Gloucester. With its …

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Manotick Station

Manotick Station Project

“I am a strong believer in decentralized energy production, having grown up in Manotick Station, I thought it would be a great little model for this.” -Dick Bakker, president of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative A 50 kW project that was connected on September 15, 2015 is the 4th system in the village, giving Manotick station one of the highest …

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Franco-Ouest High School

“The rooftop solar project provides our students a tangible demonstration of green energy technologies. Such technologies will be increasingly important in their future, and we want to prepare them to contribute to this low-carbon economy. The partnership with the co-operative engages the Ottawa community in our sustainable activities.” -Daniel Lepage, Principal, Collège catholique Franco-Ouest A new 100-kilowatt AC solar system that …

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Franco-Cité High School

“We are very proud of the partnership. It’s a great opportunity for our students and for our staff to learn about renewable energy. We also plan on integrating the data that we are going to be generating from the solar panels into our coursework.” -Marc Bertrand, Principal, Ecole secondaire  catholique  Franco-Cite      OREC has partnering up with the Conseil des …

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Samuel Genest High School

“The solar project will enable our students to better understand green energy technologies, the challenges of producing energy, and the importance of responsible consumption of energy. The partnership with the co-operative allows the school to engage the broader community in our vision of sustainability.” – Josee Batsita, teacher, Samuel Genest School A rooftop solar energy system at Samuel Genest French …

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Presland Non-Profit Housing

This project makes Presland and OCISO one of the greenest non-profits in the Province – Chad Meda, LSM Services Inc. Earth Day, April 22, 2013, OCISO Presland became one of Ontario’s leading examples of solar energy use by mounting two solar PV systems on North and South housing blocks! OCISO Non Profit Housing provides affordable housing for a diverse community. The OCISO …

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Coopérative d’habitation LaFontaine

“When we heard about the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op and the opportunity to rent roof space, we knew that partnering was the right solution for us.” – Mary-Ann Schwering, former Co-op Lafontaine Board Member Co-operative d’habitation Lafontaine has always had a focus on environmental issues. When they heard about the Micro Feed-In Tariff program, they wanted to cover all their …

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Eileen Tallman Housing Co-op

The big motivation is the renewable energy aspect. Producing green energy is something Ontario, Canada, and the world really need. – Janice Lafontaine, President, Eileen Tallman Co-op Board The ability to generate a steady cash flow while sending solar electricity back to Ontario’s electrical grid was an irresistible opportunity for the Eileen Tallman Co-operative in Ottawa’s west end. The 11.73-kilowatt …

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