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Photo of the Alfred Solar Power Project courtesy of Michel Chrétien
Photo of the Alfred Solar Power Project courtesy of Michel Chrétien

Investment Opportunities at OREC

OREC’s 700+ members are building a community-owned
renewable energy future in Eastern Ontario; profitably, sustainably, and responsibly.

Please note: The next investment opportunity is slated to launch in early January 2018.  Read about how we will finance four new solar power projects. The last offering brought in $2 M in 14 weeks from January to April, 2017 (read more).

Details presented below are for your information only.  We cannot guarantee that our past security offerings will be the same as our future offerings at this time.

OREC offers Class A preference shares and member investment notes for sale to members on a regular basis.  These securities are offered in series to finance new renewable energy projects yet investors co-own the Co-operative’s entire project portfolio.

Past Securities Offering

Preference Shares

  • 20-year term, ~4% annual dividend + capital return
  • RRSP/TFSA eligible (details)
  • Minimum purchase of $2,500; $5,000 if inside an RRSP/TFSA
  • Each share is valued at $500.

Member Investment Notes

  • 5-year term, 3% annual interest; capital repaid at the end of year 5.
  • Minimum purchase of $5,000
  • Not eligible for RRSP/TFSA

Securities can only be purchased members of the Co-operative.  But don’t despair! All residents of Eastern Ontario can join by buying a $100 lifetime membership share which includes an impressive list of benefits.

By law, OREC cannot guarantee dividend payments but the expected revenue from every OREC project is based on a firm, 20-year contract with Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Maximum cumulative investment is $500,000 per member for offerings 1-6.

Investing in OREC is a unique opportunity to invest in clean, community-owned, renewable energy in Eastern Ontario.  More information on investing in OREC can be found in our FAQ on Investing.

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How are returns possible?

Ontario has committed to an energy policy that emphasizes energy efficiency and renewable supply.  The Independent Electricity System Operator will buy electricity from all our projects at guaranteed rates under the provincial Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program.

OREC exists to help residents of Eastern Ontario build a clean, renewable energy future and earn a reasonable rate of return for their commitment through the ownership of Preference Shares and Member Investment Notes.

We have raised $5.1 million through the sale of our first four series of securities offerings which has been invested in the Co-op’s projects.  Our fourth and most recent securities offering closed on Oct. 31, 2015 with over $1.5 million invested in community power.  139 investors stepped up to the challenge of making Ottawa a better place for everyone to live.  Read more.

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