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Building Energy Enhancement Service (BEES)

Realize your cost-savings potential!

Project Overview

This project is designed to catalyze comprehensive energy retrofits by working with five building owners to complete energy audits, explore how to make the retrofit financially viable, and support in the implementation of the retrofits. The project will also support the retrofit economy through the creation of an Existing Building Task Force managed by the CaGBC Ottawa Chapter.

Subsidized Energy Audits

Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative acknowledges the financial support from the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Catalyst Projects Program in subsidizing the first five energy audits and all associated programming. Together we enable comprehensive energy retrofits and explore accessible financing routes.

How can I participate?

To receive a subsidized energy audit, you must:
– Manage a building over 25,000 ft2;
– Be registered as a charity, co-operative, or non-profit;
– Be in need of significant upgrades to your building;
– Be willing to participate in a planning session (design charrette);
– Be willing to support tenant engagement activities.

All Multi Unit Residential Buildings are encouraged to sign up to save money!

Step 1: Apply to the program by completing this form.

Step 2: If approved, your building receives a 2-year Carbon 613 base membership.

Step 3: We review historical data and perform ASHREA level 1 site assessment.

Step 4: We deliver:
– Energy Efficiency 101 workshop for residents
– Site Assessment Report
– Building energy upgrade planning session (design charrette)
– Free access to green building education for 3 months

Step 5: Explore accessible retrofit financing options.

Apply Today!

Why is energy conservation important?

In research commissioned by the Canada Green Building Council, it was found that buildings over 25,000 ft2 and high-rise residential buildings five storeys or greater can reduce GHGs up to 44%, equivalent to a 19.4 million tonne reduction and $6.2 billion in energy savings.  80% of existing buildings require modernization; that is the challenge that lies ahead.

In order to meet our Climate Change targets by 2030, significant reductions in building carbon footprints are required. Retrofitting a building stimulates local green jobs and keeps energy dollars in our communities. Identifying your opportunities can grow the green building market and create lasting change.

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