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Will nuclear power bankrupt Ontario Hydro/OPG once again?

Nuclear Power Station

The following post was written by Angela Bischoff, Ontario Clean Air Alliance’s Outreach Director. In 1998, seven of Ontario Hydro’s nuclear reactors had to be unexpectedly shut down for safety reasons. All of these reactors were shut down for more than five years. Two of them are still shut down. As a result of the nuclear shutdown: By 1999 Ontario …

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Renewable energy deserves a rethink

Re Sadly, the time isn’t right for clean energy (March 21): Sadly, Mr. Reguly has missed the point — and direction — of the change happening in the electricity industry. The change now facing the electricity sector is not one of ‘Big Nuclear/Fossil plants’ being replaced by equivalent sources of ‘clean’ generation. It will be a change where the present …

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How Feed-in Tariff Protect Taxpayers from Paying for their Neighbours Electricity

Photo Credit: Flickr/flattop341

Written by: Dick Bakker, OREC Board Member Feed-in Tariff’s (FIT) are an innovative way to finance new localized power production and continually drive down costs.  The law states that renewables have priority on the electrical grid (based on certain rules) and receive a steady income stream.  FIT power producers are given a fixed rate for a 20 year period; therefore …

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