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Will nuclear power bankrupt Ontario Hydro/OPG once again?

Nuclear Power Station

The following post was written by Angela Bischoff, Ontario Clean Air Alliance’s Outreach Director. In 1998, seven of Ontario Hydro’s nuclear reactors had to be unexpectedly shut down for safety reasons. All of these reactors were shut down for more than five years. Two of them are still shut down. As a result of the nuclear shutdown: By 1999 Ontario …

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March 29 Deadline to Share Your Input with Govt. of Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is accepting submissions to the Environmental Registry on its 2015 Climate Change Discussion paper until March 29, 2015. The Federation of Community Power Co-operatives (FCPC), of which OREC is a member, has submitted its own letter. For ideas and suggestions, please read their submission here. Feel free to borrow content in a modified form …

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Building Local Economies through Cooperative Ownership

Seven Co-op Principles

It is common belief that companies build our economy.   Most of us assume that strong businesses build a strong local economy.   But most corporations operate on the premise that their prime responsibility is to maximize return for the shareholders while NOT breaking any laws.  Focusing on the local economy is not their legal responsibility, unless of course the executives specifically …

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What’s in it for Quebec?

Written by: Angela Bischoff, Ontario Clean Air Alliance’s Outreach Director One of the questions we frequently hear about the idea of increasing water imports to Ontario is “What’s in it for Quebec?” As it turns out, quite a bit. According to the Commission sur les enjeux énergétiques du Québec, which looked into the province’s energy future in 2013, the province …

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Community Ownership of Renewable Energy and the Distributed Electrical Grid

electrical grid

Written by: Dick Bakker, OREC Board Member Electricity distribution systems are changing around the world and community ownership is playing a significant part of this evolution. How are these two trends related?   Most people think of an investment in a renewable energy cooperative (like the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative – OREC) as a financial vote for alternative energy; an investment …

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