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$1.99 M Invested in New Solar Power Projects

OREC members celebrate at the annual picnic

Over the course of a 14-week period in 2017, more than 190 residents of Eastern Ontario invested $1.99 million to finance four new solar power projects.  OREC’s fifth securities offering was the latest investment opportunity offered by the Co-op for members to invest in large-scale solar power projects and earn a solid return. During the final days of the offering, …

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Investors Rush in Final Week of Local Solar Energy Offering

Proposed design of the Twin Elm Rugby Park project

Ontario Residents put over $6 M of their trust and money in the sun OTTAWA – Residents of Eastern Ontario are sneaking in under the April 30 deadline to invest in local solar energy projects through the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op (OREC). To date, 650 individuals have invested $6.3 M in local solar power projects. Directors, staff, and members of …

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Field Notes From Tanzania – Part 1: Innovative Use of Solar Radios

FRI broadcasters in Tanzania

Roger Peters, an OREC Board Member, shares with us how solar technology is being used in Tanzania in a four part blog series. If you are poor farmer in rural Tanzania with cell phone service but no electric power or internet, how do you get ahead? First you form a radio listening group with other women in your community and …

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March 29 Deadline to Share Your Input with Govt. of Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is accepting submissions to the Environmental Registry on its 2015 Climate Change Discussion paper until March 29, 2015. The Federation of Community Power Co-operatives (FCPC), of which OREC is a member, has submitted its own letter. For ideas and suggestions, please read their submission here. Feel free to borrow content in a modified form …

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3/18 – Solar Energy and Ethical Investing

CACOR cordially invites you to a Luncheon Meeting. This presentation will give an overview of the renewable energy movement, the ethical investment movement, and will put both into a local context by way of a case study of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative.  The renewable energy movement is taking off globally. Ontario is positioning itself as a North American leader …

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