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Vision & Goals

OREC’s Vision and Goals


In a thriving integrated co-op economy, OREC is a significant leader in providing Eastern Ontario with clean, community financed energy that has transformed the region to 100 per cent renewable energy.


The Co-op’s goals are:

  1. Generate decentralized renewable energy in Eastern Ontario.  By 2020, own a full range of renewable energy generating sources across Eastern Ontario.
  2. Create a democratic, self-reliant, environmentally, socially and financially sustainable co-operative business model for community power in Eastern Ontario. By 2020, increase membership to 5,000 from all parts of Eastern Ontario.
  3.  Provide a fair return to residents of Eastern Ontario who wish to invest in local renewable energy production and energy efficiency. Pay the best possible dividend yearly on co-operative member equity investments.
  4.  Increase the accessibility of investments options and awareness of renewable energy technologies in Eastern Ontario.  Be a strong voice in Eastern Ontario for renewable energy through education, workshops, social media, and advocacy.
  5. Advocate for hospitable policy climates that facilitate community owned and financed renewable energy and other forms of sustainable technology in Eastern Ontario. 
  6.  Partner with other organizations, companies, and government agencies to achieve our vision. Work with the City of Ottawa on a 100 per cent renewable city strategy.  As part of the Ottawa Co-op Network, help build and finance a thriving co-operative social economy in Eastern Ontario and a social finance support and funding portal.



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