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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Last update: June 20, 2017

Communications & Marketing

Event planning committee
Bring your enthusiasm to the new committee tasked with planning a ribbon cutting event on September 30th, 2017 at the Alfred project site.   Imagine a big white tent, a free BBQ, games for kids, and walking tours in the middle of the historic Alfred. Support provided.

Outreach in Prescott-Russell
Make a splash in Prescott-Russel by promoting the county’s first community-owned solar power project in Alfred, Ontario.   Reach out to your network who live East of Ottawa, build relationships with groups in the region, and attend events on behalf of OREC.  Training provided.

Online event promotion
Publish upcoming events to 10+ online calendars using our top secret list of websites.  Training provided.

Host an information table at events
Represent OREC at festivals and events throughout the year and share our unique story with the public.  Training provided.

Share events with promotional partners
Bring our promotional partners up to speed on our events by email and/or by phone.  Training provided.

Poster campaigns
Put up event posters in your neighbourhood by using our handy list of community billboards.

Ongoing online communications
Create and schedule Facebook and Twitter content.  An ideal task tech savvy individuals and a great way to gain valuable digital marketing experience.  Training provided.

Blogging and op-eds
Write about interested topics that interest you and that relevant to OREC’s important work.  You can keep all the credit!  Topic ideas include rising hydro rates, community-ownership, your personal experience with OREC, your investment philosophy, carbon footprint, sustainable investing, and more.  Best suited for someone with strong writing skills in either English and/or French.

Media relations
Communicate newsworthy events and success stories to the media in the form of press releases and through relationship building with members of the press.  Best suited for someone with strong written and oral communications skills in either English and/or French.


Research new business models
There many great ideas being implemented successfully around the world.  Your research will help us identify the business models and technologies best suited to our region.  Training provided to a committed individual.

Energy efficiency market research
Put your market research skills to good use by identifying the size and scope of energy efficiency services offered in Eastern Ontario. Training provided to a committed individual.

New technology market research
We’ve all seen that hot new technology go viral on Facebook and Twitter.  Dig deeper into those technologies and help us identify winners that can be used in Eastern Ontario. Training provided to a committed individual.

Energy conservation programs research
Ontario’s Green Action Plan is diverting millions of dollars to energy conservation programs.  Help us make sense of it all by researching the various incentives offered at the federal, provincial, municipal, and utility level.  Training provided to a committed individual.

Researching types of heat pumps
Heat pumps will likely play a key role in reducing our reliance on natural gas for heat.  Help us make sense of it by researching the technology and its applications.  Training provided to a committed individual.

Battery research
Research the application of batteries for shifting peak load and its financial viability.  Best suited for someone with relevant technical knowledge.  Training provided to a committed individual.

Get in touch with Aaron Thornell, OREC’s Volunteer Coordinator, by email to get started on one of these exciting opportunities.

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