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Meet OREC's Volunteer Coordinator and Member Extrodinaire:  Aaron Thornell

Aaron is a recent undergraduate with an interest in social and environmental justice. He studied at St. Francis Xavier University, earning an Bachelor of Arts in Community Development and History, and has a passion for sports and the outdoors. Born and raised in Ottawa, he is happy to be a part of OREC, and hopes to see its impact and membership continue to grow.
As volunteer coordinator, Aaron will work with you to interesting tasks that help our Co-op's capacity to grow.  Peruse the list of opportunities below and get in touch with Aaron by email.
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List of Current Volunteer Opportunities

Updated on March 29, 2017

Communications/Marketing Related Tasks

Poster Campaign
Plaster the city with posters using our list of community billboards.

Online Event Promotion
Add upcoming events to 10+ online calendars using our list of calendars.  Training provided.

Host an Information Tables at Events
OREC will be hosting information tables at festivals and events throughout the year.  Represent our Co-op and speak to the public about how we operate and how individuals can get involved.  Training provided.

Share Events with Promotional Partners
Connect with our promotional partners by email and/or by phone and provide them with event details to share through their networks.  Training provided.

Outreach in Prescott-Russell
One of OREC's newest project is located in Alfred, Ontario; a region where the co-op is not well known.  Volunteers can help by reaching out to contacts who live East of Ottawa, building relationships with groups in the region, and attend events.

Ongoing Online Communications
Help OREC create and schedule Facebook and Twitter content.  Ideal for individuals who are comfortable with these platforms and it's a great way to get more experience which can be used in future jobs or volunteer positions.  Training provided.

Media relations
Communicate newsworthy events and success stories to the media in the form of press releases and through relationship building with members of the press.  Best suited for someone with strong written and oral communications skills in either English or French.

Blogging and Op-Eds
Help OREC remain relevant online and in print by writing about interested topics under your name.  Contributions could be used to build up your writing portfolio!  Write about rising hydro rates, community-ownership, your personal experience with OREC, your investment philosophy, carbon footprints, sustainable investing, and more.  Best suited for someone with strong writing skills in either English or French.

Redesign the voluntary membership survey
A new survey will help us provide meaningful volunteer opportunities to the people who want them most.  Contribute by designing a new survey to be implement online and through our email newsletter service.

Technical Related Tasks

SAM models
Selling solar projects to new clients will first involve an initial design of the generation potential on their property. It will then require a model of their electricity consumption patters to determine if the net metering system is financially viable. Finally, it will involve pitching the sale to the potential client.  Best suited for someone with relevant technical knowledge.  Extensive training provided to a committed individual.

Battery research
Research the application of batteries for shifting peak load, and the current financial viability of the technology.  Best suited for someone with relevant technical knowledge.  Training provided to a committed individual.

Technical support during project build-out
Verify paperwork is in order, double check forms, and organize online folders.  Best suited for someone with relevant technical knowledge.  Extensive training provided to a committed individual.

Get in touch with Aaron Thornell, OREC's Volunteer Coordinator, by email to get started on one of these exciting opportunities.

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